Extra Discussion QUestions for Youth groups, Jesus followers, & churches

In addition to the Book Club Discussion Questions on the other page, here are some extra "ponderables" to jump-start a faith-based dialogue!

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  1. Sooo, did you happen to “ask Jesus into your heart at junior high camp”…? If not, what was your “born again” experience?

  2. What word would most describe your Christian life in this season? (Comfortable? Adventurous? Boring? Confusing? Fun? Experimental? Traditional? Messy? Or…?)

  3. When’s the last time you’ve stepped out and risked for your faith? Was it a physical, emotional, spiritual, or creative risk?

  4. While all healing is miraculous in some capacity, Collin’s physical healing would be classified as a “creative miracle,” because something came out of nothing. Have you experienced a creative miracle? Do you believe they are possible?

  5. While grieving, Shelby received emotional healing in a totally unorthodox way. What are your thoughts on the various ways the Holy Spirit heals our hearts and minds?

  6. Have you read any books about Smith Wigglesworth or others like him? What Christian biographies and autobiographies have inspired you?

  7. How did you feel about Ernestine and the Wigglewurts and their charismatic behavior and theology? Did you identify with them? Or did you find their actions uncomfortable or offensive or intriguing or…?

  8. What does it look like or feel like to put God in a box? (Safe? Predictable? Stifling? Cozy? Or…?) And how does it look or feel when He’s not in a box? (Scary? Exciting? Uncertain? Creative? Reckless? Or…?)

  9. Have you ever felt abandoned by God? How did you respond at the time?

  10. In light of all the challenges in the world today, how would you personally apply Colossians 1:27 (“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”) and 1 John 4:4 (“He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”)?  

  11. How do you feel about Collin’s spiritual journey from unbeliever to believer? Does it ring true? Why or why not?      

  12. What do you really think about Jesus? How would you describe your relationship with Him? What’s he like? Does He resemble the Jesus Collin encountered in any way?

  13. What are your thoughts on the Holy Spirit? How would you describe the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in your life?

  14. And what are your feelings about God the Father, the Creator? Do you feel like a child of God? Why or why not? In what ways do you create like your Creator Father?

  15. What do you think Jesus meant by “greater things” in John 14:12? How would you apply it personally? What greater things have you attempted? Partnering with God, what greater things do you want to attempt?

  16. Also, what were the things that Ernestine and others did that were “small” and yet also “great”? Those small great things? (For example, those things we do every single day that may take extra effort on our part—like saying hi to a stranger, offering to help out when it’s totally inconvenient, taking the time to craft an encouraging text or email, sharing half of your burrito with the friend who forgot her lunch again, etc.) What small great things have you done lately? What small great thing do you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to do this week?

  17. Have you ever had a crazytown experience? (i.e. being slain in the spirit, getting miraculously healed, experiencing visions or visitations, etc.) What do you think the purpose of such experiences are? Did your experience draw you closer to Jesus? Why or why not?

  18. Sooo, what’s your—yep, I’m going there—“life verse”?

"And if you're up for it, please share your answers to these questions with me.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and brainbursts...  As well as your testimony or any crazytown experiences YOU'VE had!  Via social media,  email, YouTube, or however you want to connect!"

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