Happy 12th Birthday, CARPE DIEM!  

It doesn't seem possible that this YA comedic adventure is now a pre-teen!  Boy, did time whizz by!  And the story of an overachieving high school student named Vassar who is pressured by her parents to maintain a 5.3 GPA in order to get into a prestigious college seems more timely than ever.  Thank goodness for bohemian Grandma Gerd whisking Vassar off on a backpacking trek across Southeast Asia the summer before her senior year.  Where instead of taking AP and AAP classes, she finally took a chance on LOVE!  This novel was loosely based on my own travels throughout Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos -- hence, many of the stories and scenes were grounded in reality.  (Fortunately and unfortunately!)  CARPE DIEM was published in the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, and China -- so it traveled the world as well!  And actually, it would make a great GIFT for a teen with a good sense of humor and adventure!  To learn more or buy the book, click here.

Also, for a bit of fun nostalgia, check out the little promo MacMillan Publishers had me make in 2007 before CARPE DIEM came out... 


AND IN THE SPIRIT OF THANKS & GIVING & Celebration, we are giving away THIS E-BOOK for FREEEEEEEE!

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What do you get when you mix a group of Southern California teens with refugee camps, love triangles, and a thousand pairs of googly eyes?

Collin Uttley’s summer vacation.

"All I wanted was a date, but all I got was TROUBLE."


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